Trying on from Tosave!

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Hey guys! I found out about this online store called they have really inexpensive clothes, accessories and more. I was asked to review their products and so I picked some of these pieces you see on the picture above. Let's start with my favorite one overall, it was this pink top with roses on the side, love the color and the material is great for the summer, is really comfortable and you can wear it with some leggings since is pretty long. To make this tee really "boujee" I decided to rock it with a silver choker that I also got from their store! This choker is really fancy it has little diamonds everywhere and it's really shiny, the quality is good for the price. 

Moving on to the brown top, this top is really comfortable the material is very thin which is okay and it fit me really well, I just wish the material wasn't too thin but is great for the summer.
Lastly, the "No time for fuckboyz" top I wasn't sure why I picked this shirt but the material is thin also and the sizes for these shirts run a bit big but overall I really like that is comfortable and it keeps me cool during the hot days.



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