Tattoo Studio by Maybelline

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Hey guys! I am excited to tell you guys that Maybelline is finally selling a waterproof and long lasting eyebrow gel! Has anybody tried their new eyebrow gel before? Any comments on that? Well, I tried it a couple of times, not going to lie to you guys, but I sleep with it on just to see if its last long and I woke up with my eyebrows totally fine meaning that this product does last very long. Honestly, when I took a shower it was so hard to take it off my face meaning that is definitely waterproof. To remove this product off your face, you really have to scrub your eyebrows several times with a makeup remover soap. If you guys would love to try it, go for it, I highly recommend it to anybody its works fine, they also have different types of color I normally stick to the darkest brown which was the deep brown. If you guys will love to purchase this product in store, you can find it at any CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc.

I received this product from @Influenster for testing purpses, Thanks to Maybelline!


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