Who I am? What is this blog about?

Yulisa's Wardrobe House is the blog that allows you to collaborate with some amazing brands and meet many people that inspired along the way has only encouraged me in sharing my journey with personal styles such as my LookBook and more beauty.

This blog was created for the community of fashion and for those who are really passionate in trending styles, and knowing what to shop when going shopping. In Yulisa's Wardrobe House we know everything that has to be with fashion or also cosmetics. I give tips about each picture that is posted in the news feed, in other words, talk about fashion every single day and any single time providing the information: "what to wear what with?", "how to wear it?", "Who can help me for today outfit?" You don't need a stylish anymore you can just contact me with any questions you might have, w are here to help a person like you and answer your questions giving you the best tips. This is also for those who have the same questions in their everyday life once they look in their closet or maybe just need few tips. I also give shutouts and share people who are into the community of fashion, so if that's you please feel free to introduce yourself I am willing to engage you in this fashion blog. This blog will help you find what's trending today, Where to buy the things that are in style, helping those who are struggling to still find their style in their closet or maybe getting them ready for their next purchase, and the most important is to engaged those who are all into fashion, and to also to create a journal for those who wants to show off some of their inspiration on writing. 

I want to engage different people from everywhere the world into Yulisa's Wardrobe House blog so that they can gain some experiences and skills in fashion, also to grow their mind of thinking. "The more you learn about it, the more you can teach others and the more we all grow as a community."

Thanks and I look forward to being working with you!

Yulisa's Wardrobe House

↓ About Yulisa Jimenez ↓

 Hello readers, my name is Yulisa Jimenez  I'm a model. I am a model for pageants, photo shoots and also for a runway. I was born in Puerto Rico and I grew up in the Dominican Republic, I consider myself as Dominican because is in my blood and my parents are also Dominican. 

I play a role in the fashion industry and that's what this blog is most about Trending fashion, Where to purchase the most want it things such as clothing, makeup, shoes etc. As you see in the blog I post the links on where to purchase each product that is posted on the blog. My blog Instagram is @Yulisa_wardrobe and my personal Instagram is @Yulisaj_tejeda please feel free to follow both if you like to and feel so send your messages I am here to help you dress well  especially when it comes to a hard time of what to wear? and what should I wear it with? Thank you.

Founder of the blog: ©Yulisa Jimenez 2015